LOGO!MAT XL Twin Strand

xl-twin-strandThe new and innovative LOGO!MAT XL Twin Strand system uses driven stub rollers on both sides of the conveyor and allows free access on almost every position from underneath.

LOGO!MAT Acceleration Station

acceleration stationThe LOGO!MAT Acceleration Station allows short pallet changing times in automatic stations without using addition special components.

Current LOGO!MAT NW400 Conveyor Project

Today the last truck - out of 32 trucks - with the last conveyor tracks for a huge LOGO!MAT NW400 Conveyor assembly line for the automotive industry, left our docks.
Almost one mile (1.6 km) of conveyor consisting of 298 LOGO!MAT Conveyor sections and 18 LOGO!MAT Track Rotates were built and shipped in the last four months.

We continue to work on all current businesses and look forward to the future. Thanks and good job guys!

LOGO!MAT Conveyor Data Sheets

data-sheet-newFeel free to download our LOGO!MAT Product Data Sheets in our Download Center.

It includes general product descriptions and technical information for our different product series. Those data sheets can be perfectly used to include into specifications, product descriptions or customer quotes.

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