Our NEW Rotate Unit

The NEW LOGO!MAT Rotate Unit can be implemented for a number of uses within your conveyor system. They allow a customizable part flow and are a great way to keep your system open to future improvements. Our goal is to make a flexible system in which our customers can easily grow and make continues improvements simply and efficiently.

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3D Models - Now Online

With our continuous improvement for our customers, we upgraded our Download Center with a basic component 3D model for each of our conveyor system of the LOGO!MAT L - Series and XL - Series. Those 3D models include some of our standard components, like Pallets, a Corner, Diverter and Junction, Stop Unit, Lift & Locate Unit and the Conveyor Track itself. Have a look!

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Our new Planning Tool


Our exclusive LOGO!MAT Planning Tool for general assembly line planning is now online: Just try and discover all the possibilities that our LOGO!MAT Transfer Systems have to offer. You will be able to design and develop your transfer system layout simply and individually. Just have a look!

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