Battery mounting
in e-mobility

Secure your advantage: With the LOGO!MAT eCart V2 system you decide for the safest and most modern conveyor technology for battery pack assemblies in e-mobility.

A decades-old mobility concept is changing and the automotive industry is facing new tasks with e-mobility. In particular, of course, this also applies to the production and assembly of required assemblies – here it is necessary to make use of new and intelligent production concepts in order to generate cost-optimized process sequences. Considerable flexibility, data communication, safety and a large number of variants are the factors that define the requirements for the applicable conveyor technology. It is important to design the new, modified production processes as effectively as possible in order to secure a competitive edge and minimize costs.
Particularly in battery pack assembly, where heavy loads have to pass quickly and safely through the production processes, and a lot of production data has to be processed and stored, the right conveyor system is essential to ensure that the entire process runs safely, as smoothly and efficiently as possible. This is exactly where the LOGO!MAT eCart V2 as a self-propelled, intelligent workpiece carrier on a passive conveyor system offers the optimal platform for the assembly and test automation of battery packs. The system is deliberately rail-guided and meets all requirements in terms of accuracy, availability and safety.

It also stands out due to many other functions, for example:

  • Data communication at stop points
  • Adaptation of transport parameters in flow
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Excellent energy efficiency and the
  • Almost noiseless operation

Problems are detected even before the machine comes to a standstill

The independently driven carts are equipped with integrated self-diagnostics and detect emerging problems before they lead to a standstill. This allows vehicles to be automatically ejected for maintenance purposes without affecting production. The performance level D of the vehicles, which has been verified by the German Technical Inspection Agency (TÜV), speaks for the high level of intrinsic safety ensured by safety bumpers and a highly safe, dual-channel braking system developed by KRUPS with separate dual-channel speed monitoring. Safe and easy accumulation handling, maximum mobility. The use of an analog distance laser sensor allows safe and easy control of vehicle congestion without accumulation pressure and opens up a wide range of other possibilities.
The permanently available power on the vehicle allows different movements of the workpiece holder during transport and the superstructures can be automatically adapted to different components. In addition, component or position detections can be integrated directly into the cart, so that driving commands can be made dependent on them.

  • Meets the highest requirements for operational safety
  • Transports heavy loads safely at high speeds
  • Self-diagnosis for early detection of errors
  • Maintenance-free, accessible and extremely flat conveyor system