The LOGO!MAT eCart Series has been expanded with the introduction of eCart 700+, built for larger and heavier parts. The previous applications for the LOGO!MAT eCart system have shown that transportation of oversized parts with significant weight is very possible.
With the eCart 700+ we can offer a larger system to meet the needs of our customers. With a weight capacity of 2000 kg / 4400 lbs, the possibilities are expanded to include more truck and bus applications. Axle, battery pack, front end, gear box or engine assembly are just a few of the examples which will be excellent applications.

The eCart 700+ features the full functionality of the eCart series with features such as powered tooling and data transfer to and from the Cart at each stop location.
With a standard design, many of the eCart 600 and 700 series components are used to increase spare part availability at a customer across the eCart platform.
All major components have been upgraded to increase the structural integrity for the increased size and weight of the products being transported.

eCart 700+ Characteristics 

Track width

700 mm


773 mm

Max. payload

2000 kg (4400 lbs.) / eCart

Operating voltage

48V DC

Max. current for tooling

30 A

Min. eCart Length

1151 mm without safety bumpers
1451 mm incl. safety bumpers

eCart Speed

2 – 24 m/min (speed limitations based on weight and size of the part may be required to maintain the safety rating)

Positioning tolerances

Stop unit: 2 mm in direction of travel, +/- 0.6mm in perpendicular and vertical directions
Locate unit: +/- 0.6 mm in all directions


The desired low track height of 220 mm is maintained for the eCart 700 allowing operators to easily step over and walk on the conveyance track.
The wider track adds stability against tipping of the eCarts if the center of gravity is not centered. The same rule of thumb applies: If the overall CG stays within the guide shafts of the track, there is no tipping hazard.

Due to the increased width, customers are able to use the available space under the center covers to run wiring for their equipment. Customer wiring should not interfere with eCart required wiring.
Safety wise, the eCart 700+ can offer the same performance as the smaller eCart series products. With the drive on both sides, the friction to the track for acceleration and deceleration is double allowing the eCart 900 to match the 600 and 700 performance. Safe operation is possible due to the active braking system which is initiated by the bumpers, power loss, and other safety channels integrated into the system.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information on the LOGO!MAT eCart 900! Our team would happily set up a short product presentation to show you the advantages which you can see in your next project.

eCart 900, the innovative, safe conveyor system for your assembly line of heavy and bulky components.