LOGO!MAT eCART – Highlights 2021

Exciting Product Developments at LOGOMAT

We are constantly developing our revolutionary eCart Conveyor System to meet the requirements for an even larger array of applications.
The LOGO!MAT eCart System is intelligently designed with the ever-changing needs to the automobile industry in mind. The eCart is modular, flexible and allows for scalable production – all at an affordable price point. It offers you an efficient and process-controlled system that meets modern requires for assembly and test automation. It can also be adapted and expanded to change along with the industry.

Wider and Equipped for Heavier Payloads

Our newest version of the eCart 700 has a wider track and is capable of handing larger and heavier parts. The eCart 700 has an optional increased load capacity of up to 4,400 lbs. (2,000 kg) per cart. The components are reinforced to support the higher payload, while the handling, behavior, and controls remain the same.

Another exciting addition to our eCart Series is the new integrated Scissor Lift option!

LOGO!MAT Scissor Lift

The new LOGO!MAT Scissor Lift is an integrated lifting platform with a stroke of up to 300 mm. The applications and benefits of the Scissor Lift go far beyond the ability to position your part at an ergonomic height for each of your operators. The Scissor Lift can be also used to place parts on an external structure with indexing points for precise positioning or force absorption in automatic stations. This eliminates the need for expensive floor excavation and reinforcement.
Parts can even be stored in a buffering area above the track where they can be retrieved using the Scissor Lift. An eCart can approach and position itself beneath the part, raise its Scissor Lift to index into it, and carry the part along to the next station.
The benefits of an ergonomic working height at each of your manual work stations cannot be overstated. The LOGO!MAT Scissor Lift helps ensure that your part is positioned at a comfortable level for each operator and assembly process along the line. Thanks to the integrated controls of the Scissor Lift, you can preset the desired height for each station and the lift will automatically adjust. The Scissor Lift can raise and lower while in transit between stations, so these dynamic adjustments do not negatively impact your cycle times.

Thanks to the direct controls integration of the Scissor Lift, the data interface options for powered tooling devices are still fully accessible and functional. The lifting mechanism is enclosed by a flexible gaiter and includes a safety frame, so it is safe to use at manual work stations without additional protective measures.

LOGO!MAT eCart Main Controls System

LOGOMAT automation systems, Inc. now offers a coordinated and optimized decentralized controls concept for the LOGO!MAT eCart System. The defined control modules have added visualization options which form a lean and functional framework for the processes, diagnostics and operation of the conveyor technology. The decentralized controls can be implemented in various controls environments and are the central interface to operator guidance systems, individual stations, data management systems or simple manual work stations. Emergency stop and emergency shutoff circuits can also be integrated directly into this environment.
Using this controls framework, the entire conveyor system can be commissioned independently of the remaining stations, saving you valuable time on site. Various options for remote maintenance and diagnostics give access to status information about individual components and enable you to respond quickly in the event of a fault. This increases the system availability considerably.
If requested, LOGOMAT can also offer support during commissioning to quickly and efficiently make adjustments to the processes.

LOGO!MAT Traffic Control

LOGO!MAT Traffic Control is a route planner option available when using the main controller for the LOGO!MAT eCart Conveyor System. You tell us your destination, and we get you there.

Predefined routes, including various bypass options, are selected to move your part from one point to another. The destination is preselected, but can be adjusted at each Stop Unit, ensuring that the route and the end point are both dynamic.

With LOGO!MAT Traffic Control, you will have full control over your processes and their sequence, while the flow of the conveyor is undertaken by the system itself.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or applications. We would be happy to present the advantages in a short, personal product presentation.