Simple, Affordable, Flexible: THE NEW LOGO!MAT T-SERIES!

This year at Automatica in Munich, KRUPS Automation GmbH presented not only the most recent developments to our revolutionary E-Series products, but also introduced our newest roller conveyor option: the LOGO!MAT T-Series. The T-Series may be a newcomer to our product line, but right off the bat, it offers all of the flexibility, modularity, safety, simplicity, affordability, and availability that customers have come to expect from KRUPS.
The T-Series brings the benefits of our E-Series systems into the world of roller conveyors. Quick and easy project planning combined with simple and efficient installation and commissioning – the LOGO!MAT T-Series saves you valuable time, money, and resources every step of the way.

This market launch is just the beginning; we have big plans for this new system. In-the-works details and developments are sure to make the T-Series an attractive option both technologically and economically. The building-block style, modular system is rolling into the future of assembly automation.

The flexible accumulation roller conveyor is characterized by its incredibly simple planning; entire assembly lines are designed and built using just two modules. Thanks to a high degree of standardization and availability of its components, the T-Series boasts short lead times at an attractive price point. On-site assembly, integration, reworks, and extensions can be realized quickly and effortlessly. Even when your production requirements drastically change, the T-Series is designed to adapt along with your assembly needs. T-Series components are intentionally designed with reusability in mind which not only conserves valuable resources, but also saves you time and money over the life of your system.


>Click here< for our online brochure, where you can also conveniently download all information about the new LOGO!MAT T-Series.