Customized developments

for optimized customer CONFIGURAtions

In addition to our standardized products, we offer customizations and special developments. With almost every conveyor transfer system we adapt to minor changes or even major adjustments of standard components. We support our customers in the planning stage and after commissioning. Due to our vertical manufacturing capabilities and our mechanical and electrical engineering, customizations can be realized in an optimized time frame, even during the course of the project. Our internal special design team takes care of the customizations and new developments that are requested by the customer.

These modifications are then incorporated into the standard products, if possible and sensible, in order to generate a continuous improvement process. Internal prototyping helps to implement the design concepts and to test the adjustments directly on the product.

Our technical sales engineers and project planners always start by using standardized system components, so that the customer can be supplied with the desired conveyor system at the lowest possible cost.

If special adaptations are necessary, the necessary modifications are monetarily evaluated and offered to the customer.