XL - Corner

XL - Corner (5)


Pallet gets stuck in the Corner area

Root Cause:
Corner connector bars are not attached properly and the alignment is not given
Remedial Action:
Tighten the bolts
Root Cause:
The roller conveyor segments are not leveled right
Remedial Action:
Level the roller conveyor segments in all directions using the leveling feet
Root Cause:
Friction rollers were installed in the Corner area
Remedial Action:
Install fixed driven rollers in the Corner area
Root Cause:
The outer corner is damaged or worn out
Remedial Action:
Replace the outer corner plastic piece
Root Cause:
The pallet guide rollers get stuck or something is...

With an interval of one (1) month the following preservative maintenance should be carried out:
  1. Check all components of the Corner for wear and damage.
  2. Check if all safety covers are installed.

With an interval of six (6) months the following preservative maintenance should be carried out:

  1. Check if the end roller in the Corner shows wear at the sprocket or in the bearings. (Visual inspection)
  2. Check if the rollers are tighten.
  3. Check the leveling of the Corner.
  4. Firmly tighten loose connections.

The assembly should be done only by authorized (technical) personnel.
Proper adjustment after installation is mandatory for proper function.
  1. Take all the tape off that holds the fasteners in place and make sure that you collect all parts and fasteners.
  2. Unbolt the inner corner assembly from the top rails. Loosen the lower corner support bars and the attached threaded plate. Remove the T-nut from the outer corner cover and slide that into the adjoining extrusion.
  3. Pre-adjust the height of the adjoining track segments to allow a proper fit. To do this, undo the lock nut on the adjustable feet and adjust the height of the track by rotating the threaded spindle.
  4. Accurately align the roller conveyor...

  5. Corner Mech inst top view

  6. Corner Mech inst bottom view

LOGO!MAT Corner, XL - Series
LOGOMAT automation systems, Inc.

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Plastic, aluminum, zinc-plated and powder-coated steel