To change the drive motor, please proceed as follows:
  1. Disconnect the electrical and pneumatic supply of the entire conveyor system and secure against reconnection.
  2. Remove the entire retaining plate, where the drive motor is mounted to from the bottom rail extrusion. (If necessary remove the plastic safety cover.)

    2 way Diverter Changing drive motor 1

    2 way Diverter Changing drive motor 2

  3. Remove the entire unit, consisting of friction clutch and drive sprocket from the drive shaft with suitable tools.

    2 way Diverter Changing drive motor 3

  4. Remove the four drive motor mounting bolts from the attachment bracket and remove the drive motor completely.

    2 way Diverter Changing drive motor 4

  5. Install the new drive motor in reverse order.
    It is essential to make sure that the drive sprocket is exactly placed on the rack and the backlash is correctly. The play can be adjusted with the given tolerances in the mounting holes.
  6. Move the two-corner element manually to its end position to check the unit for possible mechanical blockages.
  7. Connect the electrical connections and check the function of the entire unit. Check the settings of the friction clutch and adjust those if necessary (see previous chapter).