The control of the 2-way Diverter has to be done automatically!
To control the transfer of a pallet from an adjoining conveyor segment to the main track by the LOGO!MAT 2-way Diverter, please use the following recommendations:
  1. The arriving pallet must be stopped in front of the diverter area by a LOGO!MAT Stop Unit. The presence of the pallet must be detected by the pallet present sensor.
  2. Depending on the desired conveyor flow direction (right or left), the two-corner element must be positioned accordingly. The right flow direction of the conveyor segment has to be ensured.
  3. If the required position of the two-corner element is confirmed by the end position sensor, no other pallet is located in the 2-way Diverter area and the required area to the conveying direction is confirmed to be free, the stop unit can release the pallet.
  4. The entire process is deemed complete if the pallet has overrun the Hi level sensor behind the diverter area.
  5. The two-corner element can stay in the position and does not necessarily proceed to a defined home position.

    2 way Diverter Controls 1

    2 way Diverter Controls 2

The operational sequence descriptions are only a recommendation and do not address all control processes. All project related operations have to be done from the operating company on-site.
For any damages that may be caused by the controls, LOGOMAT automation systems, Inc. assumes no responsibilities.
To avoid any unnecessary wear of the friction clutch, the drive motor of the 2-way Diverter must only run if the two corner piece needs to move.