The installation must be performed by trained and authorized personnel only.
A proper installation and alignment is one of the major factors for proper and reliable function.
To install the LOGO!MAT 2-way Diverter, please proceed as follows:
  1. Remove the tape from the conveyor sections and 2-way Diverter used to secure all items during transportation.
  2. Loosen both cross connectors that are pre-mounted under the main conveyor track and move them to the middle of the 2-way Diverter area.
  3. Remove both of the inner corners of the 2-way Diverter with the upper gusset plate by removing the upper mounting bolts.
  4. Pre-level the two adjoining conveyor tracks. Release the locking nuts on the leveling feet and adjust the height of the conveyor segment by turning the threaded rod.
  5. Set up the two conveyor segments to be connected by the 2-way Diverter. The two conveyor segments must be at a 90° angle exactly.
  6. Both inner corner assemblies can be used as an alignment tool. The notches of the top rail connectors have to fit into the cutouts in the upper gusset plates. That ensures an installation in a 90 degree arrangement. Reinstall the inner corners and upper gusset plates and tighten bolts.
  7. Slide the cross connecters so that they line up with the adjoining conveyor extrusions. Tighten the cross connector bolts to the main and adjoining conveyor segments (as shown in the figure below). These connectors accurately align the height level of both conveyor tracks to each other. The correct height still has to be adjusted to ensure safe and proper function.
  8. Level the 2-way Diverter area in all directions to the correct conveyor height, by adjusting the leveling feet. Tighten all connecting bolts and anchor the leg sets to the floor.
  9. Move the two-corner element manually and check the unit for possible mechanical blockages. Check the adjustments of the friction clutch.
  10. Connect the electrical connections and check the function of the entire unit.
Make sure that all of the chain covers are snug in the slot of the inner plastic corners; otherwise, the covers will lift the plastic corner and block the two-corner element from moving!
2 way Diverter Mechanical Installation 1.1
2 way Diverter Mechanical Installation 2.1