To guarantee a smooth operation, the Lift & Rotate Unit is in its home position when staring the flow process.
  1. If the stop unit is not occupied (no pallet over the stop unit) (S1), a pallet can run in.
  2. If the pallet is identified in the stop position (S1) by the sensor, the pallet can be lifted. With the use of a cushioned stop unit the signals S1 and S4 must be present before the lifting process starts.
  3. Once the unit reaches its end position (S6), the shot pin can be released and the pallet can be rotated.
  4. To guarantee a locking by the shot pin, the index pin has to be extended to stop the rotat¬ing in the respective position. The position is reached, if the sensor S7 - S10 and the sensor S12 are identified together.
  5. The pallet is turned back to its direction of flow, if the locking bolt is locked at 0 degree. That is the situation where the unit can drop the pallet slowly. In exceptional cases a dropping off at 180 degree after the lift and rotate processes is possible, but that requires a bi directional pallet. 
Special features of the automatic Lift & Rotate Unit:
  1. The electrical drive may only be switched on, if the sensor S11 is activated.
  2. The electrical drive has to switched off, about 0.2 seconds after the desired rotation position is reached.
The operational sequence descriptions are only a recommendation and do not address all control processes. All project related operations have to be done from the operating company on-site.
LOGOMAT automation systems, Inc. is not responsible for any damages which may be caused by wrong controls concepts.