The pneumatic installation of the Lift & Rotate Unit has to be done according to the pneumatic diagram to ensure the correct operation of the unit. The supplied air fittings are designed for 6 mm air tubing. The supplied compressed air must be dried and filtered and the pressure must be set in the defined range.
The shot pin is activated by an integrated pneumatic cylinder. The pin of the unit has a spring return for safety reasons. This spring automatically pushes the pin out in case of a pressure loss. In this case, the rotation is stopped at the next rotation stop position and any further rotation is not possible.
The automatic Lift & Rotate Unit gets rotated by a three-phase voltage, geared motor, which has to be controlled by a frequency converter. All sensors for the installed stop unit on the respective configuration have to be electrically connected according to the related documentation.
Flow controls should be used to adjust the lift and lowering motion of the unit.
An optional clamping unit has to be directly connected to the main air supply to ensure an immediate reaction to a pressure loss. This unit shouldn’t be used for holding the Lift & Rotate in a certain position.
The integrated and installed LOGO!MAT Stop Unit (cushioned or non-cushioned) has to be con-nected pneumatically according to the stop unit documentation.