The set up and installation must be performed by trained and authorized personnel only. All tasks that are not described in this technical documentation must be performed by LOGOMAT personnel or with their supervision to maintain the warranty for the LOGO!MAT Rotate Unit. The set up and the installation can affect the functionality. The set up and installation can affect the functionality and LOGOMAT does not warranty installations that are not supervised or performed by LOGOMAT personnel.
Only authorized personnel are permitted to install a Rotate Unit. Before the Rotate Unit can be fitted, unpack it, clean and look for any damage. If there is damage contact LOGOMAT Customer Service. The Rotate Unit cannot be installed with any damages.
For the set up and installation of the Rotate Unit, please pay attention to the following steps:
  1. Take the side covers off and install as well as wire all sensors and set up the controls accordingly. Wire the conveyor drive motor and feed the cable through the wire tray. Make sure that all sensor switching distances are correctly adjusted. Connect the shot pin to the pneumatic air supply.
  2. Set up the first adjoining conveyors according to the installation manual and level it to the rest of the already installed conveyor.

    Rotate Unit Mechanical installation 1

    Rotate Unit Mechanical installation 2

  3. Make sure that the orientation of the rotate unit is correct as labeled and mount it to the adjoining spur. Make sure that the mounting bracket gets loosened to allow a leveling of the rotate.
  4. Adjust the height of the rotate unit to the adjoining conveyor. The top of rollers should be leveled and the centerline should line up.
  5. Make sure that the rotate unit gets leveled in all directions before all other conveyor will become attached.
  6. Once the Rotate Unit and the entire conveyor system are confirmed level, tighten all bolts and anchor the Rotate Unit through the leveling feet to the concrete.
  7. Before operating the rotate, make sure that you release the shot pin and spin the Rotate Unit by hand to ensure the proper alignment and movement in the complete way of rotation.
  8. Test the rotate before applying full weight on it.

Even if the conveyor system gets set up and installed temporarily, the entire set up and all alignments have to be done correctly to ensure a proper function.
The Rotate Unit must stay in position if a pallet gets conveyed from the straight conveyor section onto a LOGO!MAT Rotate Unit. The rotation motor has to be turned off and the shot pin has to be locked in one of the index bushings.
The operation of the Rotate Unit has to be controlled automatically. The controls are not part of the scope of delivery, if not stated differently.
All safety requirements must be considered as the controls and its programming affect the function of the LOGO!MAT Rotate Unit.