The unit has to be positioned so that no rollers scratch at the unit and no pinch point gets created.
A relocation of a stop unit can also be done according to the following installation instructions:
  1. Disconnect the Stop Unit from the compressed air supply to avoid injuries.
  2. Remove the mounting clamps from one side of the base plate and loosen the other side slightly.
  3. Place the Stop Unit into the lower slot of the extrusion with the remaining two clamps. Lightly tighten the clamps and install the remaining mounting clamps on the other side. Adjust the unit and intermediate tighten. Please pay attention to the direction of the conveyor flow (note at the drive station) and the arrow at the Stop Unit housing that the operation direction will fit to the flow direction.
  4. Check the position of the stop unit by pushing a pallet against the Stop Unit until the stop pin locks the pallet into position.
  5. Remove the pallet and adjust the stop unit to achieve the required pallet stop location, if necessary.
  6. Once the position is correct, completely tighten all four clamping bolts and connect the pneumatic air supply tubes. (Attention must be paid to the correct locking of the clamping bolts to the conveyor profile.)

    Stop Unit Fitting the Sop Unit

  7. Check and adjust the roller configuration if necessary.
  8. Establish the pneumatic and electrical connections according to the provided schematics.
  9. Check the function of the installed non-cushioned Stop Unit.