Sensors have to be installed in the provided brackets. The wires have to be protected against chafing and secured against unintentional removal. Please pay attention to the correct switching distance and the right sensor size.
The control of the sensors and the used logic can influence the function of the Lift & Locate Unit tremendously. This is the responsibility of the operating company.
The integrated and installed LOGO!MAT Cushioned Stop Unit has to be equipped with sensors according to the stop unit documentation.
To operate the Lift & Locate Unit as safely as possible, please comply with the following information!
  1. Operating the Lift & Locate Unit without a pallet in place is forbidden.
  2. The integrated Stop Unit (cushioned) must only move in its home position, if the pallet is directly over the Lift and Locate Unit!
  3. All service and maintenance work must be performed by authorized technical personnel only and must be performed with all energy devices (e.g. electrical or pneumatic power) shut down and secured against reconnection.