To install the Lift & Locate Unit into the LOGO!MAT Roller Conveyor, please proceed as follows:
  1. Define the area where the Lift & Locate Unit should be installed. Replace all full rollers with stub rollers in this area. (See the documentation of the Roller Conveyor for detailed installation operation steps.) The stub rollers on the driven side have to be installed with 68 mm spacing; on the non-driven side a spacing of 136 mm is sufficient. In oily conditions, we do suggest using a cross drive to drive both sides of the stub rollers for a better pallet departure.
    The required stub rollers are not part of the delivery. They have to be ordered separately in case of a component order.
  2. Mount the entire Lift & Locate Unit [from below, as shown in the figure] with the provided bolts into the slot nuts in the lower slot of the conveyor bottom rail extrusion. Pay attention that the mounting bolts are hand tight so that fine location adjustments are still possible.
    Pay attention that the direction of the conveyor flow (information on the drive station) and the arrow of the stop unit of the lift and locate unit match.

    Lift Locate Mech Installation

  3. Push an empty pallet into the cushioned stop unit so that the return stop is locked and the stop unit is in its most forward position.
  4. Check the stop position of the pallet. Make sure that the stop unit has reached its mechanical forward end position.
  5. Adjust the location of the Lift & Locate Unit until the correct position of the pallet is reached, if necessary.
  6. Tighten the mounting bolts of the Lift & Locate Unit with the standard torque for M8 bolts, so that the unit can’t move anymore.
  7. Remove the pallet on top of the unit.
  8. Check for sufficient clearance of the horizontal stop movement manually and adjust the roller configuration if needed to avoid any pinch points or collisions with the rollers.
  9. Supply the pneumatic and electrical connections according to the wiring diagrams.
  10. Check and test the function of the entire Lift & Locate Unit without any weight first before you apply the full pallet weight.