Every driven conveyor section has a chain lubrication point on the inside of the conveyor extru-sion. It is included in one of the chain covers and marked with a red arrow. At this point the lubrication gets conducted to the chain links. The lubrication point can be found close to the drive station on the driven side. The given interface is a M5 thread, which can be either used for as grease fitting or any other interface for the preferred lubrication method. Spray oil can also be used to lubricate the chain directly through the open hole by using a nozzle. LOGOMAT automation systems, Inc. offers automatic lubrication as an option as well.
Chain spray or chain grease is recommended as a chain lubricant. It lubricates the chain properly and will not bind dirt particles or adhere the particles to the chain. Chain oil can also be used, but it must be controlled so that the oil doesn’t get distributed too much. The manufacturer recommends Klüber Lubrication - STRUCTOVIS BHD 75 S (Item no. 015061) for re-lubrication of the chain.
Time interval: Lubrication should be done every four months. Please monitor the condition of the chain constantly and lubricate the chain earlier if needed.
The wear of the chain can be reduced if the provided chain covers are completely installed and the chain doesn’t get contaminated.

Conveyor Lubrication