LOGOMAT invests in education

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There is a very positive trend in the Tri-State area in which companies are offering apprenticeship programs to develop their local workforce. In the past, companies have had trouble finding skilled labor, particularly in the automation, aerospace, and manufacturing industries. Recently, local initiatives have been created that enable employees of participating companies or highly motivated high school students to take part in 2-3 year programs to develop a foundation of good, high-precision manufacturing experience and the ability of offer quality products.

LOGOMAT is proud to announce that in August of 2017, we will begin our first 2-year apprenticeship program with Dylan Pechiney, a recent high school graduate from Ohio. He will be taking weekly classes in Sinclair community college and attending classes at the FESTO Didactics, Inc. training center. The remaining 3 days of the week, he will be working at the LOGOMAT manufacturing facility in Hebron, KY. After 2 years of intense, hands-on training he will graduate with an Associate's Degree and will be very well versed as a Mechatronic technician.

Mechatronics is a mix of mechanics and electronics, and proficiency in this area helps characterize a very flexible and all-around talented worker. This is exactly what is needed not only for field service technicians, but also on the shop floors of high-tech machine builders. The program includes mechanical basics as well as CNC machining, electrical circuits, and troubleshooting pneumatic as well as hydraulic systems.

This program is organized by FESTO Didactics, Inc., and we here at LOGOMAT are excited to do our part in helping supply the Tri-State area with the next generation of highly skilled labor.

We wish Dylan the best over the next two years and we are proud to be his sponsor and partner in starting his career path with LOGOMAT automation systems, Inc. Congratulations on your recent graduation from Butler Tech High school!