LOGOMAT - Assembly Magazine December 2018 Edition

We're very happy to present our US Company LOGOMAT within a corporate profile in next december edition of the assembly Magazine.
LOGOMAT automation systems, Inc. is a leading supplier of assembly automation and conveyor systems. Founded in Germany in 1981, LOGOMAT has an immense amount of experience in planning and manufacturing test and assembly lines.
If you want to benefit from automated processes in your manufacturing line and utilize the newest technology in the conveyor industry, we are the company to Move It for you!
From first sketches to final installation, we support you throughout your project and maintain a partnership that ensures your conveyor exceeds your expectations for years to come. LOGOMAT is always near where you need us with manufacturing locations in the US, Europe and China.
We offer all the necessary ingredients for a successful partnership, local support, quick turnaround times, and knowledgeable service representatives.
With a variety of in-house production capabilities, we deliver conveyance solutions perfectly tailored to our customers’ needs. Our flexible design utilizes cost effective, highly standardized components, allowing us to supply conveyor systems for various industries, such as automotive, appliance, and aerospace.
Our different product series range from conveyors for smaller parts up to heavy-duty full assemblies. Preprogrammed and pre-wired LOGO!MAT Smart Modules make previously complex units a breeze to integrate into the peripheral equipment.
We strive to be the most innovative conveyance supplier possible. With the ever-changing demands in the conveyor market, LOGOMAT’s top priority is to keep up with the latest technology and lead the charge into the future. The LOGO!MAT e-Cart is just one example of our innovative, cutting-edge products.

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