Major design improvements for e-Cart V2

The most intelligent conveyor solution for assembly and test automation in the automotive industry
Transferring power smoothly between straight track sections and rotating components is important when using self-driven part carriers. The e-Cart System is an intelligent conveyor solution mainly used in assembly and test automation. It features an electrically driven cart, the e-Cart V2, which safely drives along a static, maintenance-free track.  Standardized Track Rotate Units with integrated sequence control will smoothly change the direction of the e-Cart to transfer to another track.
After in-depth testing of all components, the e-Cart V2 series has had major improvements from the original system to the benefit of our customers. One major improvement to the Track Rotate Unit is the integration of Servotecnica slip rings to allow for continuous rotation of the unit while allowing 48V power and bus signals to flow into the rotating portion of the unit. Components such as the motor, encoder, power rails, stop unit, as well as the optional customer Ethernet/IP signal are all connected through this coupling.


  • 48V transmission for rotary drive, plus bus signals for the motor controller and stop unit
  • High load capacity of the e-Cart V2 for heavy applications
  • Active braking in an emergency with minimal braking-distance
  • Maintenance-free guide rails, easy to replace drive units, and standardized Track Rotate Units
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User report
Schleifringe im E-CART V2 haben den Dreh raus



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