Ideal Transport Solutions for Battery Assemblies in e-Mobility

Get a head start in e-Mobility: With the LOGO!MAT eCart V2 System, you are choosing the safest and most modern conveyor technology available for battery pack assembly in e-Mobility.

Decades-old mobility concepts in the automotive industry are facing major changes, and e-Mobility is the new name of the game.

This means major changes to the way parts for the automotive industry are manufactured and assembled – here it is especially important to transition toward new and intelligent production concepts to generate economic and cost-effective processes. Substantial flexibility, data communication, safety and variety are key factors that define the requirements of modern conveyor technology. It is vital that the new, updated production processes are as efficient and affordable as possible to ensure a head start into the future of manufacturing.

Choosing the right conveyor system is especially important in battery pack assembly, where heavy loads must be transported through production processes quickly and safely. Throughout the production of the battery pack, data must be processed, saved and transmitted to ensure the assembly is as safe, efficient, and error-free as possible.

This is exactly where the LOGO!MAT eCart V2 system shines. The e-Cart system, as a self-driven, intelligent work-piece carrier that drives on a passive track, provides you the optimal platform for assembly and test automation for battery packs. The eCart is guided along a specifically designed rail system and fulfills all the modern requirements in regards to accuracy, availability and safety.

In addition, the system stands out by offering features, such as:

  • Data communication at stop positions
  • Adjustments to the transport behavior while in motion
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Outstanding energy efficiency
  • Nearly silent operation

Problems are identified before they disrupt production

The independently driven carts are equipped with an integrated self-diagnostic feature and are able to recognize emerging problems before they cause a standstill. This means individual carts will drive themselves to a maintenance area without disrupting the rest of production. The eCarts are certified performance level D by the TÜV and offer intrinsic safety features such as safety bumpers, and a highly secure, two-channel braking system developed by KRUPS along with a two-channel speed monitor.

Safe and simple accumulation, maximum flexibility

The use of an analog laser distance sensor allows for safe and simple accumulation of carts anywhere along the line, and opens a multitude of other possibilities.
Auxiliary power is constantly available on each cart and allows for automatic adjustments to your tooling while the line is in motion. In addition, the carts can be configured so that commands are detected and adjustments are made once the cart interfaces with a certain component or passes a certain position along the line.

  • Fulfills the highest operational safety requirements
  • Transports heavy loads safely at high speeds
  • Detects errors early through self-diagnosis
  • Maintenance-free, walkable, extremely low profile conveyor system


The LOGO!MAT eCart System for battery assembly

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