LOGO!MAT eCart - Series

The LOGO!MAT eCart Conveyor System is an innovative conveyor with self-driven Carts running along a hardened steel shaft, embedded in a sturdy aluminum frame. The maintenance-free conveyor track can be installed in an ergonomic working height or as low as 220 mm above the floor and is fully walkable. That creates an open floor concept and gives access to all sides of the transported part at any time.

The 48 V DC drive power is distributed through an integrated power rail. No batteries or charging cycles are needed. This energy can even be used to power tooling on the Cart. Provisions for electrically powered lifts, rotation units, clamps, or other equipment on each Cart are a standard feature that provides freedom and flexibility when designing the part fixture. The auxiliary power is available at all times, no matter if the Cart is at a station or in transition between stations. 

Stop units can easily be relocated and added along the line. They bring the Carts to a precise stop and enable communication in between the main PLC, the Cart, and the intelligent, powered tooling. This means maximum control over production. Adjust the tooling to the station requirements, change Cart parameters such as speed or direction of travel, and read out health information about the system for highest availability. The solely electrical interface of the stops, without moving parts, eliminates mechanical wear completely.

A performance level D rating ensures operator safety, even for payloads up to 3,000 lbs. Active braking, no accumulation pressure, and expandable safety circuits are just a few features that elevate every production line to new safety levels.

Turns and diverts are created by track rotate units or side transfer shuttles. This, in combination with the modular track design, makes future expansions or retools easy to implement.

The LOGO!MAT eCart is Industry 4.0 ready and known for its low maintenance, high availability, and excellent reliability.

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Huge variety of standard components directly out of the rack.

See some application samples - pictures and videos - of the LOGO!MAT Conveyor for a quick overview.