LOGO!MAT L - Series

The LOGO!MAT L - Series Conveyor System is a robust, palletized friction roller conveyor with an anodized aluminum frame. All pre-assembled powered conveyor sections are driven by a geared motor and one tangential chain. Corners and diverts combine straight sections with just a few extra components. The entire system offers high flexibility in reconfiguring the layout with little effort. All stations can be located or inserted almost everywhere. The full rollers in that area can be replaced by stub rollers without any special tools within a couple minutes.

Our modular assembly conveyor systems are based on standard mechanical and electrical components and can be combined with all customized possibilities. The L - Series is popular and known for its high availability, low maintenance requirements, unsurpassed reliability and long life within the production environment.

L - Series 1
L - Series 2
L - Series 3

Huge variety of standard components directly out of the rack.

See some application samples - pictures and videos - of the LOGO!MAT Conveyor for a quick overview.