LOGO!MAT L - Series: 2-way Diverter


Our LOGO!MAT 2-way Diverter is an innovative component to merge two conveyor tracks together or to split one conveyor track into two. The pallet gets diverted or merged actively in a 90 degree angle while keeping the pallet orientation.

The 2-way Diverter consists of a dual-corner assembly which can be moved electrically on a linear guide rail. For safety reasons, the electrical drive is done through a mechanical friction clutch to archieve low operation travel forces. Guarding is just necessary if it is required by the customers' safety regulations.

Both end positions are sensed by inductive sensors to ensure a pallet flow only if the double-corner is in the right location.

Covered fixed driven rollers are required in the area of the 2-way Diverter for safety reasons and to allow a proper transfer of the pallet in the turn.

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LOGO!MAT 2-way Diverter
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