LOGO!MAT L - Series: Intersection

IntersectionThe LOGO!MAT Intersection is a unit designed to transfer pallets straight over a transverse conveyor section without any lifting. The unit connects four adjoining, perpendicular conveyor sections. It is an easier and more cost effective solution to cross conveyor tracks when you don't need to divert a pallet to a perpendicular track as you would with the LOGO!MAT Track Rotate.

The four adjoining conveyor track sections are connected with a base plate unit which is equipped with ball rollers. Since the intersection area is non-driven, the end rollers on each adjoining conveyor track must have a fixed drive. The fixed driven end rollers and the requirement of long peanut pallets ensure a proper transfer of the pallet over the ball rollers. Pneumatic activated sliders on each side of the ball roller plate guide the pallets in the direction of travel and keep them on track. At the same time these sliders make sure that only one pallet passes the intersection at a time so that a high operational safety is guaranteed. The sliders are lifted and lowered pneumatically and simultaneously. As a result of this design the intersection allows a low cycle time and a high efficiency of the transfer system.

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LOGO!MAT Intersection
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