LOGO!MAT L - Series: Lift Gate

Lift Gate closing
Lift Gate open

The LOGO!MAT Lift Gate is used to gain access to the inside of a conveyor loop for maintenance personnel or operators. The Lift Gate is a mechanical component that supports the opening and closing forces with a spring package. Operating forces are in a range of 17 - 44 lbs. (8 - 20 kg) depending on the configuration of the system. The operating behavior of the gate can be adjusted in a certain range.

The gate opens more than 90 degrees and the spring package keeps it open. Nevertheless, it should be secured in the upright position with the included safety cables to avoid injuries due to a dropping gate. For safety reasons the opening and closing motions have to be controlled manually.

Mechanical return locks for the adjoining conveyors are not part of the standard package, but are available as an option.

The conveyor drive motor is located underneath the conveyor track - for NW286, the motor has to be mounted outside due to space requirements for the support spring package.

All in all, the LOGO!MAT L - Series Lift Gate is a cost effective solution for maintenance access to the inside of a conveyor loop with tight space constraints. The Lift Gate is not available for the NW229 Conveyor.

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