LOGO!MAT L - Series: Pallet Kicker

Pallet Kicker with conv 240x180Pallet Kicker 240x180

The LOGO!MAT Pallet Kicker is a simple, clean and efficient design to ensure pallets depart quickly after any stop location within your conveyor system. The Pallet Kicker can kick start heavy loads (up to 550 lbs.) or achieve repeatable acceleration of pallets in oily conditions. Machine oil (if in use) can build up on rollers and cause a situation where pallets have trouble taking off in stations. Increased cycle times simply mean your company is losing money and your system is not operating efficiently. With the use of the Pallet Kicker you can eliminate any sort of pallet acceleration issues from stop points in a cost effective and efficient way.

Ease of Use / Mechanics:

The LOGO!MAT Pallet Kicker incorporates two mechanical motions to consistently apply desired force to a direct area on all pallets. Other similar systems take an angled approach to make contact with a pallet, whereas, our Pallet Kicker moves up vertically and then advances horizontally to push the pallet out of the station. The entire motion is done with one horizontal pneumatic cylinder and a smart mechanical solution. Using the LOGO!MAT Pallet Kicker helps achieve repeatable cycle times in stations within a safe, low friction roller conveyor.
The Pallet Kicker is pneumatically synced into the LOGO!MAT Stop Unit and only requires two small, in-line air flow control valves to properly operate. A retrofit into your conveyor can be done with no program updates, and installation can be completed in a break time during a full production day.

The LOGO!MAT Pallet Kicker is a component that can benefit your system from day one. Reduced cycle times, repeatable acceleration to the nominal conveyor speed, no controls costs and ridged, reliable design are just some key advantages of this component.

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