LOGO!MAT L - Series: Pallet Locate Unit

Locate Unit in conveyor track
Locate Unit with cushioned stop
Locate Unit with non-cushioned stop
The LOGO!MAT Pallet Locate Unit provides a five times greater positioning accuracy than the LOGO!MAT Stop Unit alone.
The LOGO!MAT Pallet Locate Unit was specifically developed for semi-automatic or automatic workstations where robots perform tasks on the work piece and the pallet has to be positioned exactly.
This cost effective component consists of a pneumatic cushioned stop unit and a pneumatically driven index pin that engages into one of the rear index bushing on the bottom side of the pallet. Using this setup, the pallet is positioned accurately in x- and y-direction within ± 0.1 mm.

Since the index bushings are directly mounted to the tooling plate, the plate gets positioned without any additional play. The locate pin is spring loaded in the up position. It can be lowered pneumatically and raised by spring pressure. Or it can be double acting as well to get more indexing pressure for heavier pallets. Two inductive sensors (M8) can be used to detect the position of the index pin. Those sensors are not included in the standard package, but are available upon request; the sensor brackets are included in any case.

The stop unit and the index pin are installed on a separate mounting plate therefore the distance between the stop unit and the index pin can be adjusted for every individual configuration and operation.

The entire unit can be moved to another position even after the commissioning of the transfer system. Every LOGO!MAT Stop Unit can be adapted with a LOGO!MAT Locate, if the repeat accuracy of the pallet is required in the future.

The LOGO!MAT Pallet Locate Unit is a very reasonable component to ensure pallet positioning.

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