LOGO!MAT L - Series: Rotate Unit

rotate unit

The NEW LOGO!MAT Rotate Unit can be implemented for a number of uses within your conveyor system. Rotate Units allow a customizable part flow and are a great way to keep your system open to future improvements. Rotate Units can function as diverters and intersection within one to four (1-4) adjoining tracks, reverse pallet flow and allow for orientation manipulation, so operators or robots can perform desired operations from multiple sides of a work piece. With selecting only a Diverter, Junction, Intersection or Lift & Rotate Unit, your company will not be as flexible for future system growth as your product line expands / changes. Our goal is to make a flexible system in which our customers can easily grow and make continuous improvements simply and efficiently. The LOGO!MAT Rotate Unit is available in our three L - Series sizes NW229, 286 and 400, whereas just the short NW400 pallet fits on the Rotate Unit.

Ease of Use / Mechanics:

Rotate Units come in a clean / compact design while containing all required mechanical components to perform desired functions. The drive motor and all other possible add-ons are contained within the Rotate Unit to keep the unit from unnecessary wear and tear while in operation. The drive train contains a friction style clutch to allow for adjustable torque factors to suit different work piece weights. With all the necessary components held within the unit we have eliminated possible pinch points for operators. While the Rotate Unit can be used instead of a Lift & Rotate Unit, the Rotate Unit performs the same function without the lifting motion which is often a safety concern. In a situation where air pressure is lost the Lift & Rotate can drop parts and cause accidental injury to operators with possibly damaging a work piece. Safety is a major focus at LOGOMAT and we strive to provide the safest unit and system for your company.


Controls are not a part of the standard deliverable, however our Rotate Units can be integrated with our LOGO!MAT Intelligent Terminal Box (ITB) Controls Concept. The LOGO!MAT ITB can take your standard system into being a personalized smart system. With using our ITB Controls Concept you will be getting a plug and play system with all your needed functions. Customers will be a part of the development as we take your input for part and pallet flow and part operations to develop a safe and efficient system. With utilizing our 30 years of experience in conveyer systems we can, and will, develop a product which will be delivered pre-tested, pre-wired and most efficient. With the system being pre-tested and pre-wired we ensure to cut start up and installation times down on your end and guarantee a smooth running system from day one with our Intelligent Terminal Box Controls Concept. For more information on the ITB integration feel free to take a closer look in our Download Center.

Please find also a video of our Rotate Unit in action here.

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