LOGO!MAT L - Series: Swing Gate

Swing Gate 1
Swing Gate 2

The LOGO!MAT Swing Gate is next to the LOGO!MAT Lift Gate as our standard components used to get access to the inside of a conveyor loop for maintenance personnel or operators. The Swing Gate is also a mechanical component but gets locked pneumatically and requires more floor space due to the swing radius.

The archieved opening can be found in the technical data sheets and customized lengths per nominal width are available on request.

The Swing Gate can be opened almost 180 degrees to maximize the opening. It locks itself once the gate closes and the releases pneumatically. The status of the gate (opened or closed) can be checked by a 12 mm inductive sensor. The sensor provisions are included but the sensor itself is not part of the standard scope of supply.

The conveyor drive motor is located underneath the track for all nominal widths.

The gate comes with a support tube structure that makes it independent from the floor surface, but supporting swivel caster wheels are available upon request. Pallet return locks are also not part of the standard scope of supply, but there is a standard solution available.

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LOGO!MAT Swing Gate
Technical Data Sheet