LOGO!MAT Walk-On - Series: Conveyor Track


The LOGO!MAT Walk-On Conveyor Track is a standard LOGO!MAT NW400 (L - Series) Conveyor Track with a 114 mm roller spacing and 50 mm diameter, heavy friction rollers installed. The drive station is a low profile design with an integrated, automatic horizontal chain tensioner. The maximum capacity per pallet is 550 lbs. (250 kg) and the offered driving speed is limited to 18 m/min because of OSHA regulations.

The low profile, steel leg supports with integrated leveling feet get mounted on the bottom of the conveyor extrusion. The legs stick out further to the outside of the conveyor and end with a conveyor mounting on both sides. Leveling feet below the track allow a height adjustment in  a certain range and the track can be anchored to the floor through those feet.

The top covers are mounted to the top rail of the conveyor and the aluminum support outside. This creates a stiff setup with a width of 817 mm in total. There is enough room to utilize that additional width for a cable tray to have all wires directly covered as well. All covers can be easily taken off for maintenance or accessibility.