LOGO!MAT Walk-On - Series: Pallets

palletOur driver pallet for the LOGO!MAT Walk-On Conveyor System does have the same outer shape as the regular plastic pallet for the L - Series. The patented shape allows the pallet to move around corners, diverters and junctions and they build the interface for the stop unit insert and the sensor strip. RFID tags can be added upon customer request.

The pallets are 704 mm long, are machined from aluminum and they have replaceable wear pads on the bottom to get the right material in contact with the rollers. Side guide rollers help to keep the pallet straight in the top rail extrusion.

Two steel pylons are mounted on top of the driver pallet to build the interface to the top / tooling plate. Those pylons stick through the center slot of the walkable covers and they are positioned so that they follow the same radius in the corner and diverter areas to keep the slot as small as possible.

The pallet is not available with a center cut-out because the application and the configuration don't allow reaching through the pallets.