LOGO!MAT Walk-On - Series: Stop Unit

stop-unitThe pneumatically operated LOGO!MAT Stop Unit is designed to arrest pallets in specific locations. The pallets push against the pneumatically controlled stop pin with their stop inserts on the bottom side of the pallet. An escapement mechanism prevents the pallet from bouncing and being manually pushed backwards. An internal cylinder pulls the pallet after the cushion always to one defined end position to create an accuracy of +/- 0.5 mm.

This controlled pulling of the pallet is done automatically and does not need to be controlled separately. In its home position the stop pin is always extended - even in case of a failure of the pneumatic system all pallets are stopped safely. To release a pallet the stop pin is pneumatically retracted. As soon as the pallet is released and the pallet present sensor loses its signal the stop pin can extend again. That allows staging several pallets with just one stop unit. This unit can also be used for accumulation: 1,200 lbs. or up to seven pallets, not exceeding the max. weight of 1,200 lbs. (545 kg) can be stopped in a row.

Like every other component of the LOGO!MAT Transfer System our Stop Unit contributes to the high flexibility of the system. It is delivered as a complete pre-assembled and adjusted unit including sensor brackets, covers, mounting clamps and sensors as an option. The unit can be located in nearly any location of the roller conveyor with no limits by the roller location.

All rollers are configured around the Stop Unit. Replacing a Stop Unit can be done easily in a few minutes. (Please ask about our refurbish program.) Depending on the conveyor width, the pallet weight, the conveyor speed and the type of application two different types of Stop Units can be used:


LOGO!MAT Cushioned Stop Unit

stop-unit-cushionedWith a higher pallet weight or a faster conveyor, the LOGO!MAT Cushioned Stop Unit is used to stop the pallets softer. The pallet, which also contains an escapement mechanism, is stopped on the bottom side but because the stop unit is air cushioned the pallet is stopped softly and actively pulled to a defined end position. The damping as well as the pulling speed can be adjusted through the setting of the air flows. The cushioned Stop Unit has a defined end position which does not depend on the pallet weight or speed.




LOGO!MAT Non-cushioned Stop Unit

stop-unit-non-cushionedThe LOGO!MAT Non-cushioned Stop Unit can be used when the pallet weight and the conveyor speed are low. The pallet is stopped on the bottom side; an escapement mechanism prevents the pallet from bouncing back. Releasing the stop pin is the only control motion. Sensors can be used for pallet presence and stop pin up / down.