LOGO!MAT XL - Series: Corner


The patented LOGO!MAT XL Corner combines two straight conveyor sections with a few extra parts to guide the pallets steadily around the turn without using any additional transfer or pusher unit. One key is a proper, level and squared installation of the adjoining sections, but corner bar supports and other design features help to ease the installation process. That corner style eliminates all additional costs of mechanical, pneumatic and special control equipment and reduces the cycle time. The space require-ments are very little and the added safety features make additional guarding unnecessary.

Fixed driven rollers need to be used in the corner area to allow the pallet going around the curve to flow smoothly, but optional roller covers and finger guards help to make that area safer. The orientation of the pallets stays the same all over the line which simplifies the conveyor planning significantly. Subsequent expansions or changes in the system layout can be done quickly and inexpensively.
In planning, the modular XL Conveyor System just uses straight segments combined to form the overall layout. A turn consists of two straight roller conveyor system tracks positioned at an angle of 90 degrees.

The drive of the line (which includes the outer corner guide) needs to be on the outside, but the adjoining track can have the drive train on either side. If necessary, the corner can be planned the opposite way which gives a lot of flexibility in defining the drive motor location of the adjoining conveyor tracks.

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