LOGO!MAT XL - Series: Elevators

Even in heavy duty applications, elevators are standard components in some conveyor systems and they allow a high degree of flexibility in line layout. An over-under configuration of conveyors saves expensive floor space and makes it possible to create pallet buffers or bottom pallet return spurs.

All elevators need to be guarded, and outer guarding is not part of our scope of supply, because every company has different guarding requirements. Nevertheless, we do offer safety concepts and safety devices that include mechanical return locks, different sensor configurations and smart control concepts. Please ask our Sales Team for further information.

Different applications lead to different elevator concepts. LOGOMAT automation systems, Inc. selected the two most economic and efficient types for pallet weights up to 1,300 lbs. (600 kg) and offers them in different varieties as standard components. The following matrix should help when comparing and selecting the right elevator for your application:

Crank-Arm Elevator
Tooth-Belt Elevator
Lift heights [mm]
300 - 600
0 - 5,000
Min. TOR of lowest spur [mm]
Max. pallet weight
1,300 lbs. (600 kg)
1,300 lbs. (600 kg)
Lift device
Geared motor
Geared motor
Lift positions
2 (up / down)
Up to 5
Motor starter / VFD optional
Motor starter / VFD required
Dual track capability



LOGO!MAT Crank-Arm Elevator

Crank arm elevator 2
The LOGO!MAT Crank-Arm Elevator is a heavy duty version of the L - Series Elevator and enables you to connect two different XL Conveyor levels up to 600 mm, which is mainly used for the LOGO!MAT XL Over-Under Conveyors.

The crank-arm geometry makes the elevator acceleration and deceleration even if the motor turns the same speed. The stopping action doesn't need to be very accurate as there is little vertical movement of the track in its end position. The robust and stiff design can be used for the XL600 and the Twin Strand Conveyor if the width does not exceed 800 mm. This elevator can be configured for pallets weights of up to 1,300 lbs. (600 kg).

Roller switches limit the up / down movement and an overrun protection switch gets hard-wired to the motor to avoid damages and overrun problems. The switches are not part of the scope of supply but can be added per request, or with using the LOGO!MAT ITB Control Concept.


LOGO!MAT Tooth Belt Elevator

XL Tooth belt Elevator
XL Tooth belt Elevator 2
Lifts of up to 5,000 mm (16 feet), traveling speeds of 0.5 - 1 m/sec and Multi-level Buffers (more than two conveyor levels) can be realized for heavy and large pallets with the LOGO!MAT Tooth Belt Elevator. The Tooth belt Elevator can stop at almost any intermediate level.

The dual capability allows raising and lowering pallets at the same time and cutting cycle time down. The counter weight helps to reduce the drive power of the Elevator. Even in single applications, the elevator gets counter balanced. The tooth belt drive consists of a geared drive motor and two parallel running tooth belts. The moving conveyor track is guided by linear guide rails that allow for high precision and good support, even for heavy weights. The two belts guarantee a high degree of operational safety because both belts are laid out to carry the full load. Different drive motor options can be chosen to adapt the bahavior of the elevator to your needs. An upper and lower roller limit switch should be installed to control the travel. Mechanical pallet return locks are optionally available and we are more than happy to support you in working out a full safety concept for such an elevator application. Tooth Belt Elevators need to be guarded and outer guarding is not part of our standard scope of supply because every operating company has different guarding requirements.

Our XL Tooth Belt Elevators are known for their great performance, low maintenance and smooth travels even with high pallet loads.



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