LOGO!MAT XL - Series: Manual Docking Cart

XL Manual Docking Cart

The LOGO!MAT XL Manual Docking Cart is our design for manual pull off and re-entries of pallets within a LOGO!MAT XL Conveyor System. Especially in large and complex layouts and processes there are needs to take parts to different areas for repair after a failed testing. Those parts have to be re-introduced into the line to be tested again. Taking a 1,300 lbs. (600 kg) part off a pallet for repair is not possible in most applications, but they can be easily taken off onto a manual Cart.

The Manual Cart is based on a piece of gravity conveyor track that can be moved around on lockable caster wheels. The height of the track is set to the conveyor height where the Cart will dock to and the handle has adjustable grips for the operator.

An integrated docking mechanism interfaces with a counterpart on the conveyor line and locks the Cart in position. It also automatically releases mechanical stops on both sides to allow the pallet flow. By releasing a mechanical indexing plunger the Cart can be taken off the track and the mechanical locks directly block the lines. The presence of a Manual Docking Cart can be sensed by an inductive sensor mounted to the stationary conveyor track.

A bi-directional Docking Cart with two docking devices is also available to allow the re-introduction of a pallet in the same orientation as it was removed without rotating it.