LOGO!MAT XL - Series: Pallets

XL PalletXL Pallet Bottom view
Our XL - Series base Pallet is specifically designed and equipped to handle many functions and to build a very good base for safe work piece transportation on a LOGO!MAT XL Conveyor.

By using a skid design, we allow the possibility of a huge opening in the center of the pallet for every pallet. The pallet top and / or tooling plate builds the structure and interface to hold the skids and the stop unit insert mounting blocks. The one size skid can be used for different top plate sizes. They can overhang to either side as long as the load is mostly centered. Using wear resistant and durable PA material for the skids allows supporting pallet weights of up to 1,300 lbs. (600 kg) without creating dents. The direct mounting of the close tolerance index bushings to the top plate creates a highly accurate and repeatable indexing location. The side guide rollers include bearings to take the loads; these are also mounted to defined locations in the top plate. A bi-directional design of the pallet is available.

The integrated steel stop unit insert with included return stop is another feature that is part of the pallet kit. The gravity flapper is a simple device to hold the pallet at a stop. Pushing a pallet backwards out of the stop location is not possible. A recessed steel strip on the bottom of the stop unit insert mounting block builds the target for the pallet present sensors and for high level switches. The length of the strip controls when the stop unit can be raised again. That combination eliminates the need for additional high-level pallet stop switches. 

The special design of the skid pallet enables it to travel easily around corners and diverters

The second picture on the left side shows the bottom view of the curved XL Pallet.

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