LOGO!MAT XL - Series: Rollers

XL Track Roller2

The LOGO!MAT XL Roller Conveyor Systems are generally equipped with heavy duty, self-developed and produced friction rollers. Each roller has a built-in, adjustable friction clutch that lets the roller stop under the stationary pallet during an accumulation of pallets. As a result, only very minimal accumulation and stopping force is generated, even if high weights get transported. All rollers are maintenance free and a friction adjustment can be done while the roller is installed. Relocating or replacing a roller can be done in less than five minutes without any special tools. Chips, dirt, grindings or other particles simply fall down between the rollers and do not influence the pallet transport. Fluids don’t influence the roller performance because of the well-sealed bearings and the enclosed roller design.

The rollers in the assembly conveyors carry the weight of the pallet. The drive chain acts as the driving element and does not see any load, which consequently prolongs the life of the chain. The entire chain is guided, contained and protected in the frame of the conveyor and is automatically tensioned in the drive station.

Heavy duty stub rollers can be installed in areas where access to the work piece from underneath is required. Part accessibility from below is helpful if:

  • The work piece gets machined from below
  • The part has to become indexed directly
  • A vision check has to be done from the bottom
  • The part has to be supported to apply pressing forces or high torques
All rollers used in the LOGO!MAT XL Conveyor System utilize surface hardened roller tubes with a diameter of 60 mm to avoid wear and to protect them against corrosion. The roller shaft itself is very strong with a diameter of 17 mm. The maximum pallet weight of 1,300 lbs. (600 kg) or even 2,200 lbs. (1,000 kg) for the XL Oversize - Series are no problem for these rollers.