LOGO!MAT XL - Series: Shuttle

XL Shuttle

The LOGO!MAT XL Shuttle is a strong, stable unit used to transfer heavy duty pallets perpendicular to the main conveyor track. Manual and automatic single off-line workstations can be realized, or two parallel conveyor tracks can be connected, even if they run very close to each other. A static, stable nesting table where the pallet lowered and indexed is available as one standard feature for the XL Shuttle.

To transfer the pallet on the Shuttle it is lifted pneumatically by just 25 mm above the roller level and moved electrically to the opposite side of the Shuttle. The force needed for the motion is independent of the pallet weight since we are using linear guide rails to support the linear movement.

The main conveyor track can be re-opened to traffic as soon as the pallet on the Shuttle leaves the track, even if the Shuttle is still moving the pallet. This advantage leads to low cycle times and high efficiency of the Shuttle.

Guarding is only necessary if required by the operating company. The installed friction clutch limits the side force to a minimum, and even heavy pallets can be stopped by hand with no pinch points.

As all our units, the XL Shuttle comes fully assembled and tested. The installation on site is done very quickly. Sensors and controls are normally not part of the scope of supply, but with using our LOGO!MAT ITB Control Concept you will get a proven, turn-key solution.