LOGO!MAT XL - Series: Electric Stop Unit

Now available in your next LOGO!MAT L-Series or XL-Series Conveyor System
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GO! Electric

Pneumatic drives have advantages in that they have low initial costs, are robust against outside influences like temperature fluctuations and dust, and have high overload resistance. Unfortunately though, compressed air is one of the most expensive sources of energy because compressors can only convert a small portion of the consumed energy into usable power, a substantially bigger portion is wasted as lost heat.
GO! Electric is laying the new groundwork for industrial manufacturing. The goal of eliminating extensive and expensive pneumatic networks has paved the way for electrically driven components as a way to cut costs and significantly increase efficiency.
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The LOGO!MAT Electric Stop Unit has the same interface as the conventional pneumatic LOGO!MAT Stop Units in your conveyor system and can be interchanged without alterations to your existing tracks or pallets. In addition, the Electric Stop Unit maintains all functions, including active end-positioning, as a part of the standard scope of delivery. This active end-positioning ensures that whether your pallet is transporting its full load or travelling empty, it will come to a stop with the same accuracy, in the same position, every time.
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The pneumatic exhaust cushioning with ambient pressure enables you to adjust the Stop Unit for optimal use with any possible pallet weight. With direct Multi-BUS capability, you can designate the Electric Stop Unit as part of your Bus-controls and transmit its current position directly to your main controls. You can even address the Stop Unit using traditional digital controls. In this case, a release signal is given and the Stop Unit’s position can be transmitted back. The low power consumption of only 1.2-1.5A at 24V allows you to implement the Electric Stop Units into many controls scenarios without the need for additional power, even with pallet weights up to 1300lbs!
A reasonably priced, completely electric, BUS-capable, and adjustable Stop Unit with active end-positioning for a wide range of pallet weights, THAT is the new LOGO!MAT Electric Stop Unit. Implement this new component into your next conveyor system and profit off the reduced installation and operational costs while maintaining maximum performance.

Advantages of the LOGO!MAT Electric Stop Unit

  • Same interface as the traditional LOGO!MAT Stop Unit
  • 1:1 interchangeability with existing Stop Units
  • Active End-Positioning
  • Pneumatic, adjustable air-cushioning
  • Connection through I/O or directly through any Ethernet based BUS System
  • Reasonably Priced
  • Maximum performance with low power consumption
  • Available for the LOGO!MAT L-Series as well as the LOGO!MAT XL-Series
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