LOGO!MAT XL - Series: Swing Gate

XL Swing Gate 220x165
Swing Gate 2

The LOGO!MAT Swing Gate and LOGO!MAT Lift Gate are our standard components used to provide access to the inside of a conveyor loop for maintenance personnel or operators. The Swing Gate is a pneumatically released, manually operated component with safe, ergonomic handling provisions that can be customized in length to fit your needs.

The Swing Gate can be opened almost 180 degrees to maximize the opening. It locks itself once the gate closes and is released pneumatically. The status of the gate (opened or closed) can be monitored by a 12 mm inductive sensor. The sensor provisions are included, but the sensor itself is not part of the standard scope of supply.

Other benefits of the Swing Gate include a conveyor drive motor located underneath the track and adjustable support wheels. Pallet return locks are not part of the standard scope of supply, but are available upon request.

The Swing Gate has the following advantages (compared to the XL Lift Gate):

                  • Safer to operate
                  • Easier to handle
                  • Lower operating forces (more ergonomic)
                  • Available in both swing directions
                  • 180 degree opening possible