LOGO!MAT XL - Series: Track Rotate

XL Track Rotate

The LOGO!MAT XL Track Rotate combines the most pallet traveling options in one unit. It can be used as a XL Corner, as a XL Diverter or XL Junction and it can reverse the pallets. For heavy and fast travelling, as well as Oversized or Twin Strand pallets, the LOGO!MAT XL Track Rotate is the only option to change the pallet flow.

The individual driven conveyor section on top of the electrically driven rotate mechanism can be reversible and can include a LOGO!MAT XL Stop Unit to lock the pallet in position while rotating.

The rotation is normally setup to be done in 90 degree increments. A pneumatic shot pin locks into an index bushing automatically as soon as the position is reached. A friction clutch in the drive train is an important safety feature and allows shutting the rotation motor off after the unit is locked in position. The rotation drive has to be controlled through a VFD and all brackets for a deceleration and stop sensor for all stop positions are included.

Safety covers and full protection of the rotation mechanism make the unit safe for an operation with no additional guarding if not especially required by the operating company. Pallets can't exit the rotate in intermediate locations.

Depending on the layout requirements, the XL Track Rotate can be connected to two, three or four adjoining conveyor tracks. The maximum angle of rotation in one direction is 270 degrees, but the ability to turn in -90 degree increments as well allows it to reach all possible adjoining tracks.

Production environments with oily conditions won't cause any issues for the rotation unit because the drive is done through a tooth belt to be independent of any friction.

All sensors, valves, drive controllers and controls are not part of the standard scope of supply. With using our LOGO!MAT ITB Control Concept you will be getting a plug and play solution with all functions, start up and e-stop procedures implemented in the controls concept. All hardware will be wired and included and you will not have to develop your controls from scratch. Benefit from our 30 years of experience, use all features of the components right and cut your integrating costs down with utilizing that controls concept.

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