LOGO!MAT XL Twin Strand - Series: Lift & Rotate Unit


In addition to precise pallet positioning within +/- 0.2 mm, the LOGO!MAT XL Lift & Rotate Unit, which is also for used in the XL Twin Strand System, offers the ability to turn and position the pallet in 90 degree increments so that the work piece can be accessed at every side. The indexing plate lifts the pallet pneumatically up to a defined height. Afterwards the pallet can be turned manually or automatically by an electric motor and locks in position.

The LOGO!MAT XL Lift & Rotate Unit includes a standardized pneumatic cushioned LOGO!MAT XL Stop Unit mounted on the same base plate as the entire Lift & Rotate Unit to archieve a defined distance between the stop unit and the indexing pins. This allows moving and installing the XL Lift & Rotate Unit in almost every position in the entire conveyor system – even afterwards with no adjustment work involved.

For the precision positioning of the pallet, the pallet is stopped above the indexing plate and lifted pneumatically via indexing pins in the same way the LOGO!MAT XL Lift & Locate Unit engages into the pallet index bushings. After the pallet is lifted on the indexing plate it can be rotated manually or automatically in both directions without rotation limitations. The rotation gets locked every 90 degrees via a pneumatic shot pin. Adjustments are available on request.

The manual rotation of the LOGO!MAT Lift & Rotate Unit slows down by using a spring loaded, adjustable wheel before the unit locks. With the automatic LOGO!MAT XL Lift & Rotate Unit the rotation is done via a friction clutch that limits the rotating force for a high level of safety, even with high pallet weights.

The LOGO!MAT XL Lift & Rotate Unit is always designed for the maximum pallet weight stated for the XL Roller Conveyor; however, operations with a high torque or high forces have to be avoided. Those areas have to be supported differently. Please ask for options we can offer.

The operational safety of the LOGO!MAT XL Lift & Rotate Unit can be improved by using an optional rod lock unit. Safety covers are standardizedfor the mechanic to protect it against dirt or outside influences, or secure it against reaching into. The Lift & Rotate Unit is also optionally available with RFID Reader provisions that are designed for read / write operations in all possible station conditions.

The LOGO!MAT XL Lift & Rotate Unit is an affordable component to allow heavy pallets to be rotated for access. Complex operations or additional workstations can be replaced by one of these units.