LOGO!MAT XL Twin Strand - Series: Pallet

palletPallet non curved bottom view open topplate
The LOGO!MAT XL Twin Strand System does not require a real drive pallet, but using one allows to utilize all our standard station components, like Stop Units, Locate Units, Lift & Locate or Lift & Rotate Units. All of the standard interfaces like index bushings or the stop unit insert are located at the bottom of the pallet.

Our standard pallets are built up by two skids which get bolted to the tooling plate. A stop unit insert mounting block as well as standardized index bushings get bolted to a given tooling plate pattern as well.

If a flat tooling plate runs directly on top of the rollers, a different Stop Unit and sensor arrangement has to be done. Locates Unit, Lift & Locates and Lift & Rotate Units will have to be customized and will be available upon request.

The second picture on the left side shows the bottom view of the XL Twin Strand Pallet and its non-curved styling.